Take The Challenge and Help Make The World a Better Place

TrigID is helping to make terrorism and crime more difficult. It's helping reduce the cost of healthcare and doing something about the 250,000+ people who die from medical errors each year in the US alone. It's giving a free banking identity to the three billion people in the world who live daily on less than three dollars a day. And it's helping to make identity theft a thing of the past.



Start by registering to compete. Create a Challenge Name and tell us a little about yourself.


Stage One: Stake Your Claims

Start recording sources of data against your Challenge Name on the Claims page. If it's a publicly available source, register it in the Free Public Sources table. If you're first, that source becomes your claim and counts towards your total.

If your source is a private source, register it in the private sources table. You'll need to describe the sources and how you've obtained it.

For both tables, you'll need to record the names of each attribute in your source ((e.g. firstname, lastname, street number, street name, town) and how many identities it contains.

Up to twenty challengers will go through to Stage Two - those with top ten largest Public Source totals and those with the top ten largest Private Source totals.

Stage Two: Mine The Data

Turn your claimed private sources and all claimed free public sources into TrigID Mash Values. We provide you with all the software you need.

Send us the processed data. We'll turn it into a TrigID Identity Graph and count-up the unique identities and their attributes (Mash connections). The challenger with the most attributes wins!


PlaceID Tokens

General Rules

1) Your participation in this challenge must be as an individual and not as the agent of a business or other entity.

2) You are responsible for complying with any applicable national, state and local laws when competing in this challenge.

3) Any challenger that has charges filed against them for criminal behaviour related to this challenge will be disqualified.

4) Failure to comply with the Data Rules below may result in your disqualification.

5) We reserve the right to disqualify you if you act in bad faith, cheat in any way or our legal advisors tell us that we must.

6) The decision of the Adjudicators on all matters is final and no subsequent discussion or correspondence will be entered into.

Data Rules

1) Each record in each claim must have at least five attributes (e.g. firstname, lastname, street number, street name, town)

2) Any attribute claimed must be generally-accepted as Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

3) Adjudicators may, at their discretion, ask you for evidence that supports your Private Source claim. Failure to provide that evidence will invalidate the claim and may result in your disqualification.

4) You MAY assign your claim on a Public Source to another Challenger but you acknowledge that your right to do this may end at any time.

5) You MAY NOT assign your claim on a Private Source to another Challenger at any time.



Free Public Sources

These are voter lists, credit databases, watch lists, membership databases, etc. that members of the public can get access to. These lists may have usage rules, but in most cases you can be confident that use of the list for this competition will not breach those rules - because no data will be given to anyone else or exposed in any way.

Private Sources

These are lists you may have purchased or compiled using various data mining and scraping strategies. Some`people will tell you that mining and web scraping is evil (except when it's done by Google and Bing), but nothing could be further from the truth. Sharing information in new ways is what has made the Internet the powerful vehicle for change that it is.



Once you've registered for the challenge, be sure to search and ask questions at the TrigID forum or the TrigID Telegram Channel.